BDA Global Services

BDA Global Services is an international group, which supports you in your operational and functional projects. Based in Luxembourg, Paris and Brussels, we provide innovative and tailor-made solutions, which promote the development of our partners’ various projects. We are involved in the following projects: IT, Financial Services, Compliance, Wealth Management, Private Equity, Human Resources, Recruitment and Project Management.

Business Line
Consulting services

We are experts and provide tailored solutions in the Financial, Human Resources, Insurance and IT areas. Our solutions are aimed at companies of all sizes, over the very short or long term internationally.


Our vision:
Putting people at the heart of our strategy.


We cultivate enduring trust with customers, employees, and partners. Quality relationships define our ethos.


Sharing strategic insights underscores our relations, an integral aspect of our corporate culture.


Motivating and committing, our corporate culture propels mission success.


Service quality ingrained in our DNA ensures competitiveness amid economic challenges.


Human-centric strategies drive our initiatives, placing people at the core.


Embracing humility, our culture fosters effective self-reflection for optimal solutions.

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